Hi there. My name is Vitaliy (/vɪˈtæli/). I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

All my life I have been working in information technology industry. At present I am Technical Director and Co-owner at Factorial Complexity. Currently I mostly work on mobile projects and games.

Here are my Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The best way to contact me is by email.


Can you do some software development or consulting work for me?

Yes, I can. Like I said I own and work at Factorial Complexity. Please, contact our sales. We will be happy to hear from you.

I want to work at Factorial Complexity...

Easy. Just drop a note here.

Are you currently looking to change your job?


There used to be a blog here...

I have removed it for now. It had little value and was not updated for a while. If you are looking for something specific, ask me. We have a nice blog at Factorial Complexity too.